Hair removal is now a must for men. Suitable for a wide range of purposes, from smooth hair to hair loss

This laser has a much higher power and speed than conventional equipment. It can remove hair from the beard and body.

Ideal for those who have these problems


  • Unwanted hair
  • telangiectasia
  • Red face, rosacea
  • redness of the skin


  • Unwanted hair

Features and mechanism of the machine

With the state-of-the-art laser Elite Plus, you can more quickly and reliably remove hair from a wide area!

The latest in the series, Elite Plus, enables irradiation with higher output than previous machines, significantly increasing speed. It also has excellent skin-beautifying effects by tightening pores and firming the skin, and has a unique system that cools the skin at the same time it is irradiated, making it safe for people who are sensitive to pain. In addition to topical anesthesia, laughing gas can also be inhaled, making it safe even for men who are sensitive to pain.

From complete hair removal to design hair removal that requires aesthetic sense, such as adjusting hair volume.

By using the “Alexandrite Laser”, which is highly effective for hair removal, and the “YAG Laser”, which is effective on areas with downy hair and pigmentation, it is possible to perform treatments tailored to hair type, hair volume, and skin condition. Depending on the area, if you perform the treatment 4 to 6 times every one month to one and a half months depending on the hair cycle, you will be freed from the problem of unwanted hair semi-permanently.

Uses laser to make redness less noticeable

Redness and blood vessels may appear on the face and legs, like thin threads or spider webs. This is because the capillaries in the dermis beneath the epidermis dilate for some reason and are visible through the skin surface. This condition is called telangiectasia, and the most effective treatment is laser. The YAG laser used for treatment has the property of being absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood, so it gradually wraps around the blood vessels, weakening the blood flow, and coagulating them, making protruding capillaries less noticeable.