These are the comments from meny patients.

“I wish I had
come here
from the beginning”

You don’t have to look for other doctors.

We understand the beauty values of men, which differ from one person to another, and take their lifestyles into consideration to find the best solution from among all the options available. This is the belief of E-CLINIC Omotesando for MEN.



Our President directly counsels all patients and gives advice on the best treatment.
As the first step, please feel free to tell us your concerns.

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  • SKIN
  • FACE
  • HAIR
  • BODY
  • Medical treatment / hormone treatment
  • CELL
  • Inspection etc.

We are,

  • We offer the best and most appropriate treatment for our patients and do not make detours.
  • We will introduce and constantly update safe and up-to-date medical technology.
  • We propose to be your partner in life, both externally and internally, and even in the way you live your life.
  • We listen to your wishes, draw them out, and achieve the ideal finish to the millimeter.
  • We will support you until you are satisfied with our services without making any compromises.

Our clinic is certified as a cooperative medical cooperative medical institution of Keio University Hospital.

Our cosmetic surgery department was established in cooperation with a team of professors of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Keio University Hospital. Since the doctors perform the operations using advanced technology, there is almost no swelling after the surgery, there are few scars, and we have a strong reputation for delivering a beautiful finish.