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Clinic in general

Does Eri clinic omotesando accept medical insurance?

We basically don’t accept medical insurance.We will not keep you waiting as we prescribe medicines in clinic dispensing.

Can insurance be applied for spot treatment?

Spot treatment will not be applied for insurance except a disease called Nevus of Ota, unfortunately other diseases are not covered by insurance. However, even though it seems to be a spot, there are also cases of other diseases such as Kuroko etc. Depending on the condition, insurance will be applied so we recommend first visit.

Is credit card accepted for payment?

Credit and Debit cards can be used for payment. (Almost all credit cards including AMEX cards, CUPs are supported.)

Can E Special products be used for sensitive skin?

E Special line was developed for both sensitive skin and non-sensitive skin.Sensitive skin type can be applied without any issues.

This is the first time I do treatment, can you tell me about the price?

We will inform you of treatment and price after consultation and we propose the best treatment according to your budget and concerns. We get started a procedure of treatment only after we receive a consent from a customer.

Do you accept / admit visitors from out of town?

We absolutely welcome all customers from out of town. We arrange counseling schedule according to availability of customers.

Is it possible to buy supplements right away without counseling?

There are some supplements that you can purchase right away without consultation, but there are some types that required a counseling before purchase. For non-prescribed supplements you can purchase directly from the Bijin Seizo Research Institute’s homepage or at the clinic’s front desk.For supplements that require medical consultation, we can provide them after a Dr. Eri’s consultation. We advise your first visit. For non-prescribed supplements you can purchase directly from the Bijin Seizo Research Institute’s homepage or the clinic’s front desk.In the case of food supplements that require medical advice, we can advise and provide after consultation with the director. Please come to the clinic.

Can I continue to apply hydroquinone and retinoic acid all the time? How long does it take to see results?

It is safe to continue using the products, and very effective after 2 months of continuous use.

Skin problems in general

Spot pigmentation

I don’t remember getting sunburned in particular but my skin has developed having pigmentation. What are the causes?

Even without obvious sunburn, we are exposed to UV radiation throughout the year. We are exposed to ultraviolet rays all year round even if we are not evidently sunburned. The impacts of UV rays are powerful, and UV protection (sunscreen, etc.) is very important, but stress, hormonal imbalance, unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, aging, etc….also are the influence.

Dark circles appear under my eyes when I get tired and I become look very old. Is there anything I can do about it?

It is said that someone who is originally made with many melanin pigments and those with sparrow eggs (sobacus) are more prone to spots. However, as noted above, there is a big difference depending on daily lifestyle and skin care.

Dark circles eyes

When fatigued, eye bags appear to make the face become older.Are there any remedies?

Those with poor blood circulation will be stagnant in blue-black blood with less oxygen. Firstly, please keep moisturizing firmly when you cool down to improve blood circulation. Most people get hyper pigmentation associated with sagging, so please contact us to find out how to improve it. Excessive massage is strictly prohibited as skin is delicate around the eyes. Our institute is preparing many different treatments for the area under your eyes, so please refer to specific categories for more details.


I am suffering from adult acne. I think my skin is relatively dry, but what could be the cause?

It is probably due to skin metabolism degradation. People who suffer from acne tend to prefer a waterlessness skincare regimen, but if you don’t moisturize your skin, your metabolism and immune system will get worse and make it difficult for acne to heal and causing it to flare up repeatedly. We also offer chemical peels to improve skin metabolism and phototherapy to sterilize acne bacteria.


Can pigmentation on the elbows and knees be cured?

Many customers have similar concern and are taking treatments, and basically it can be cured. We will provide treatment according to the individual’s skin condition, We advise your first visit.

Laser therapy & Phototherapy

Laser therapy & Phototherapy

How long is the treatment period? How long does it take for one treatment?

It varies between individuals, but the standard is to have about 5 sessions every 3 to 4 weeks according to each hair cycle. The treatment time depends on the area, but it takes about 15 minutes for both armpits. Usually it will be virtually imperceptible after 3 to 6 sessions.

Is it safe for sensitive skin?

Please rest assured since the doctor will examine your skin before the treatment and adjust the power according to your skin condition.

I have many moles. Is laser hair removal possible?

Definitely it’s possible because we will cover and guard the moles area.

Will laser hair removal permanently prevent the growth of unwanted hair?

Generally permanent hair removal is defined as the condition that less than 20% ingrown hairs. The hair will not grow back after a certain period of time depending on the individual and the location of the area.

The price of hair removal at esthetic salons is much cheaper, but what is the difference?

The medical hair removal laser is different in power compared to the others. In addition, the hair removal will be performed under the supervision of a doctor, so there is less risk of causing any skin problems, and we will conduct thorough aftercare. It is important to note that aesthetic salons may not always be able to provide the result in a short period of time, consequently it might require an extended number of sessions and a higher price than clinic.

Is there any DONTs before undergoing laser hair removal? Is it safe to drink alcohol after the hair removal?

If you pull out unnecessary hair before the treatment, it would be difficult for the laser to react to it so please only shave before the treatment. After the hair removal, you may continue with your normal life. (We recommend that you shave before the hair removal treatment. At our clinic, we carefully shave the hair before hair removal.)In addition, we cool down spot well before the treatment therefore there is no need to worry about getting redness or inflammation after the treatment, so it is also safe to drink alcohol.Please refrain from drinking only when you have inflammation.

How much is the hair removal treatment for the entire face?

We will determine the extent and number of sessions after your consultation. The price can be discussed after the consultation so we advice you visit us first.

Questions about laser in general

I would like to avoid any painful treatments, but how much pain will I feel during the treatment? Are there any harmful side effects?

There are differences among types of lasers, and the rate of the possibility of pain varies between individuals.For those who are sensitive to pain or cannot tolerate it, anesthesia tape can be applied to minimize the pain, and the irradiation is done while cooling the skin thoroughly. After laser irradiation, some post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation may remain, but there are no side effects happen afterwards. We will explain the risks of the procedure to you during the consultation, so please feel free to contact us.

Hyaluronic acid injection

I heard that injecting hyaluronic acid into the face is very painful.

The pain varies between individuals, but we apply an anesthetic tape called “Painless” before injecting the hyaluronic acid, which significantly reduces the pain. There are customers who receive injections without applying the “Penless” anesthetic tape. The Director’s original “painless” injection method is also used,Many of our customers have told us that the injections are less painful than injections at other hospitals.

Will there be subcutaneous bleeding?

Our hyaluronic acid injections are characterized by the minimal number of needle wounds (one or two) and minimal subcutaneous bleeding due to our director’s unique and delicate injection technique and sense. Many patients are satisfied with the natural and beautiful results. Most patients are able to wear makeup and go home.

I had hyaluronic acid injected at another clinic, but I am not satisfied with the results. Can you fix this?

We use a special chemical to break down the injected hyaluronic acid and correct it. With this treatment, it is possible to restore the appearance of the area to its pre-injection state. We can also provide detailed correction services, such as removing only a portion of the bumps. The results of hyaluronic acid injections and injections often vary greatly depending on the doctor’s experience and sense of style, so we recommend that you choose your clinic carefully. At our clinic, Dr. Kori, who has a solid technique and a sense that only a female doctor can offer, performs the procedure while observing the balance of the entire face and paying close attention to the injection method, injection location, depth, amount, fine-tuning, and aftercare, according to each person’s concerns and ideal image.

Dysport injection

When I put Dysport around my eyes in other clinics, my upper eyelid fell heavily and I had to look down.

This can happen when Botox is injected into the wrong muscles that are needed for facial movement. Careful injection of Botox by a doctor who is familiar with the anatomy of the muscles and their functions is of utmost importance. We carefully adjust the injection points and amount of Botox in each muscle, and inject it in two or three separate injections while monitoring the effect and the overall balance of the face. Therefore, the risk of the above symptoms is very low. Botox injections are not a good choice for people with sagging or expressionless eyes. If you are suffering from sagging eyes or expressionless facial expressions after Botox injections at other hospitals, please contact us for a consultation.

I suffer from hyperhidrosis.

Botox injections can eliminate sweating and odor problems by suppressing the function of sweat glands. In addition, when combined with medical laser hair removal, the amount of sweat and bacterial growth are reduced, and the odor and yellowing of the armpits are also suppressed. There is no scarring or swelling. The effect lasts for about six months.

I heard that Botox injections can also reduce the size of the face and legs.

Botox injections are well-known as a treatment for expression lines, but they can also have other cosmetic effects such as a smaller face and slimmer legs. When Botox is injected into the “gills” of the face, it works on the developed masseter muscle, gradually slimming and tightening the contours of the face. If Botox is injected into the “calf” muscles of the legs, you will notice that the calves have become thinner after about two weeks. BOTOX injections are very popular as a quick, easy and effective method of “partial thinning”.

How much does BOTOX injection cost?

The amount of injections will vary depending on the situation and your wishes, so the director will explain the details during the consultation by directly examining your skin condition. We will also ask you about your budget and perform the procedure after you are satisfied with the results. Please come to our clinic without worrying.

Mesotherapy according to Dr. Eri’s method (fat meso)

How many times does it take to see results?

It depends on the individual, but the most effective is a total of three treatments, once every 1-2 weeks. The most effective results are seen in the following cases.Most patients complete the treatment in three sessions (more than three sessions may be necessary if the effect is weak). (If the effect is weak, more than three sessions may be necessary.) The director will examine all patients and give advice on how to massage afterwards.

Will there be any pain after the treatment? If so, what should I do?

It depends on the individual, but there may be some residual soreness like muscle pain. Massage the day after the injection will alleviate the pain.

Can I cool down after the fat-dissolving injections? How soon after the procedure can I feel the effects?

There is no problem if you cool down. You will feel the effect in about 3 to 4 weeks after the treatment.

Chemical peeling

What acids are used in chemical peels?

There are two types of acids used in our clinic for peeling. The acid used for chemical peeling is a lactic acid called AHA (alpha hydroxy acid). On the other hand, BHA (beta hydroxy acid) used for BHA peels is salicylic acid. Our BHA peel is suitable for persistent acne scars and hard keratin such as elbows, knees, and heels because of its strong dissolving action deep into the skin.

What should I bring on the day of the chemical peel? Is there anything I need to bring on the day of the peel?

Is there anything I need to bring on the day of the peel? Our peels do not cause redness or peeling of the skin. so it is possible to apply makeup immediately after the treatment. You may bring your own makeup if you wish.

Can I have peels during menstruation or pregnancy?

Yes, we can perform peels during menstruation and pregnancy without any problem. However, the ion injections that are usually used in conjunction with the peelings are not performed in the usual way, but rather as a pack that will not affect you during your pregnancy.

How is it different from chemical peels at esthetic clinics?

Esthetic clinics are not medical institutions, so they cannot use the right concentration of drugs to be effective. A chemical peel at a clinic is recommended because the peel can be safely performed at a concentration appropriate to the skin condition.

Can chemical peels be used to treat different skin problems at the same time?

We will examine and treat your skin according to your condition.

I have sensitive skin.

We will examine and treat your skin according to your condition.

Is it effective even if I have only one chemical peeling?

It depends on the purpose of the treatment, but ideally, it is recommended to have 5 to 6 peels at an interval of once every 2 to 3 weeks. However, even just once will remove dullness and improve the application of makeup.

Injection of placenta

What is placenta?

We use human placenta, which is the most trusted in the medical field.

Does placenta contain hormones?

There are no obvious hormones, but it does contain growth factors that increase metabolism in all areas.

Are the ingredients really safe?

We confirm that the ingredients are free from any viruses and other contaminants.

How often should the injections be given?

It depends on the individual, however, we recommend once every 1 to 2 weeks if you are aiming for constitutional improvement.

What is the difference between intravenous placenta infusion and subcutaneous injection?

The difference is whether the placenta is injected into blood vessels or not, and the amount of injection.

Beauty IV Drip

I am undergoing treatment for diabetes.

There is no major problem, but please consult with our Drs.

Supplements, oral medications

Laennec PO Placenta

How can I purchase Raenneck PO Placenta?

You can purchase upon Dr. Eri’s consultation (consultation fee of ¥5,000 excluding tax). We also offer counseling over the phone. Please feel free to contact the clinic for making an appointment.