An intravenous drip can efficiently distribute highly concentrated vitamin C throughout the body.

Ideal for those who have these problems


  • Spot pigmentation
  • chloasma
  • Wrinkles
  • lack of luster
  • Sagging


  • allergy
  • tired feeling

What is a High Concentration Mega Vitamin C Drip Infusion?

An intravenous drip can be administered efficiently throughout the body.

Highly concentrated megavitamin C infusion” is a recommended therapy for those seeking beautiful skin and anti-aging effects, such as improvement of spots, melasma, wrinkles, dullness, sagging, and acne. With intravenous infusion, vitamin C is distributed throughout the body in a short period of time, making it more effective than taking supplements or oral medication.

Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, inhibits melanin synthesis, and promotes collagen synthesis. It is also effective in preventing colds and other infections, combating allergies, and relieving fatigue.

componentHigh Concentration Mega Vitamin C Drip Infusion (25g or more)
Risks and Side Effects

Vitamin C has basically no serious side effects, even if taken in excess, because the unneeded portion is eliminated with urine. However, those with kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, and certain other diseases cannot receive this treatment. Also, those with G6PD deficiency cannot receive this treatment. If you wish to receive high concentration vitamin C infusion, you may be asked to take a blood test for G6PD beforehand.

Dr. Kori is a member of the “IV Therapy Study Group Masters Club

We are a member of the “Masters Club for the Study of Intravenous Therapy,” an official U.S. program, and use safe vitamin C injections with no added preservatives.


(data) itemFee (JPY, excl. VAT)
High Concentration Mega Vitamin C Drip Infusion1 time 15,000
10 times 120,000
Drip infusion option
(data) itemFee (JPY, excl. VAT)
Placenta (Raenneck)1 time 2,000
garlic (Allium sativum)1 time 2,000
anti-aging1 time 2,000
skin whitening1 time 2,000
vitamin C1 time 2,000
vitamin B group1 time 2,000
diet1 time 2,000
beautiful skin1 time 2,000
hangover1 time 2,000
100 ml saline solution1 time 2,000
White jade (detoxification)1 time 2,000
Super Shiratama (detoxification)* Double the content compared to the previous version!
1 time 3,000
  • In order to ensure better results, the course menu purchased will be valid for 3 years. Please understand this in advance.
  • All of the above fees are only applicable to patients who present a valid Japanese health insurance card and who are fluent in Japanese and have no difficulty with the counseling process. For other patients, please refer to the estimate after the counseling.
  • A medical certificate (negative certificate) is available for an additional fee of ¥3,000 (tax not included). (Foreign languages: English, Chinese, and Vietnamese are available for an additional fee of ¥5,000 (tax not included).
  • Currently, patients without fever or cold symptoms are eligible.