Ozonated super red blood cells take care of ailments

Ideal for those who have these problems


  • stiff shoulders
  • Swollen legs


  • sensitivity to cold
  • Blood is thirsty.
  • Concerned about cholesterol levels

What is Blood Ozone Therapy?

For those with chronic fatigue and stiff shoulders

Blood Ozone Therapy” is a treatment in which ozone is reacted with blood taken from the patient’s own body, and the ozonated blood is then reintroduced back into the body, thereby making the blood thinner. It is recommended for patients with chronic fatigue, cholesterol level problems, stiff shoulders, and sensitivity to cold.

The treatment time is about 30 minutes. The entire process is performed in a special bottle, so blood is never exposed to the open air. The treatment is safe.

Although not well known in Japan, this therapy is already established and recognized by many physicians in European countries. In recent years, ozone therapy has been performed in many countries in North America and Asia, and has been applied to anti-aging, arteriosclerotic diseases, musculoskeletal diseases such as joints and muscles, and even cancer treatment. In Germany, the treatment is approved by insurance, and in the UK, it is so trusted that it is even used by the royal family.

Treatment Steps

Doctor’s Examination

The doctor will take the time to examine your current physical condition and medical history.

*Depending on the results of the doctor’s examination, you may not be able to receive the infusion.

Blood collection in a special bottle

100 cc of blood is drawn. Because it is venous blood, the blood is dark in color.

Injection of medical ozone

Medical ozone is mixed with blood.

Return blood to the body

Oxygenated blood mixed with medical ozone is returned to the body through an intravenous infusion.

The following persons are not eligible for “Blood Ozone Therapy

  • Hyperthyroidism
  • G6PD deficiency


(data) itemFee (JPY, excl. VAT)
Blood ozone therapy1 time 25,000
5 times [10%OFF] 112,500
10 times [20%OFF] 200,000
[Option (first time only)] G6PD test8,000
  • In order to ensure better results, the course menu purchased will be valid for 3 years. Please understand this in advance.
  • All of the above fees are only applicable to patients who present a valid Japanese health insurance card and who are fluent in Japanese and have no difficulty with the counseling process. For other patients, please refer to the estimate after the counseling.