For those who feel early aging and want to keep the current impression

Ideal for those who have these problems


  • Dull skin
  • Skin firmness
  • Stiff skin


  • lumbago
  • stiff shoulders


  • menopausal disorders
  • tired feeling
  • sensitivity to cold
  • Decreased immunity

What is an Aging Care Drip Infusion?

An intravenous drip can reach the entire body quickly.

Aging Care Drip Infusion” improves metabolism, activates cells, and prevents aging with its powerful antioxidant effect. It is also effective in whitening, maintaining skin elasticity and firmness, and improving skin problems. It is also useful for menopausal disorders, recovery from fatigue, lower back pain, stiff shoulders, improvement of sensitivity to cold, and strengthening of the immune system.

This is a popular treatment for men who are active in front of others, such as before a presentation, business meeting, or event.

Various vitamins
alpha-lipoic acid


(data) itemFee (JPY, excl. VAT)
Aging Care Drip Infusion1 time 10,000
10 times 80,000
Drip infusion option
(data) itemFee (JPY, excl. VAT)
Placenta (Raenneck)1 time 2,000
garlic (Allium sativum)1 time 2,000
anti-aging1 time 2,000
skin whitening1 time 2,000
vitamin C1 time 2,000
vitamin B group1 time 2,000
diet1 time 2,000
beautiful skin1 time 2,000
hangover1 time 2,000
100 ml saline solution1 time 2,000
White jade (detoxification)1 time 2,000
Super Shiratama (detoxification)* Double the content compared to conventional products!
1 time 3,000
  • In order to ensure better results, the course menu purchased will be valid for 3 years. Please understand this in advance.
  • All of the above fees are only applicable to patients who present a valid Japanese health insurance card and who are fluent in Japanese and have no difficulty with the counseling process. For other patients, please refer to the estimate after the counseling.