Hair removal is ensured, including white hair that cannot be treated by laser hair removal.

Unwanted hair that grows on white hair without melanin pigment or on areas with moles or tattoos that cannot be removed by laser. Body hair as well as beards are carefully removed one by one.

Ideal for those who have these problems


  • Unwanted hair (beard, eyebrows)
  • Gray hairs and hairs that cannot be removed


  • Unwanted hair
  • Gray hairs and hairs that cannot be removed

What is Needle Hair Removal?

This hair removal method can be performed on people with white hair or dark hair

General laser hair removal reacts with the melanin pigment inside the skin, so it does not react with gray hair and cannot be performed.

In addition, laser hair removal cannot be performed on dark skin areas (moles, birthmarks, tattoos, pigmented areas, etc.) because the laser reacts with them and there is a risk of burns. Needle hair removal” can remove unwanted hairs that cannot be treated by laser hair removal.

We use “medical insulated needles” for safe needle hair removal. We also offer a process to alleviate pain as much as possible, so please consult with us if you are concerned about pain.

Precautions for treatment / Aftercare

  • Please come to the clinic with the hair root maintained as much as possible without removing the hair, extending it at least 3-5 mm.
  • Please take adequate protection against ultraviolet rays after the treatment.
  • Do not self-treat or pull out hair after treatment.
  • Keep the skin clean to prevent bacteria from entering through pores and avoid friction as much as possible.
  • To obtain the hair removal effect, it is done according to the hair cycle.
  • Please consult with your doctor as it depends on the area.



(data) itemFee (JPY, excl. VAT)
From 1 to 10 hairs10,000 / 10 pcs.
More than 10 hairs5,000 / 10 pcs.
Needle costThick needle 5,000
Fine needle 5,000
  • We will prepare needles for personal use only and store them in our clinic after sterilization and disinfection. Depending on the frequency of use, you may be asked to repurchase needles. Please understand this in advance.
  • The treatment is in units of 10 pieces.
  • Please ask about anesthesia if you wish to use it.
  • The cost may vary depending on the scope and details of the treatment. An accurate estimate will be provided after a doctor’s consultation.
  • All of the above fees are only applicable to patients who present a valid Japanese health insurance card and who are fluent in Japanese and have no difficulty with the counseling process. For other patients, please refer to the estimate after the counseling.